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BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CL3 17/10)

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The primary aim of the BSc career in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CL3 17/10) consists of training students for the:

The Civil and Environmental Engineering BSc career track guarantees a comprehensive base of knowledge in the subject of civil and environmental engineering. The skills acquired will allow students to easily transition into the professional work market thanks to the technical knowledge acquired during their training.
The educational path is organized to provide basic knowledges during the first year of training in order to guarantee the skills necessary to tackle the technical courses in the following years. In the commn curricula framework of civil and environmental career paths, two choices of different courses are possible during the second semester of the last year (third).
The qualifications obtained at the end of the career training course gives the graduate the right to be part of the national Professional Board of Engineers, Civil and Environmental sector, section B.

The main employment opportunities are:

The BSc title achievement allows students to access the MSc career in Civil and Environmental Engineering, inter-class LM-23 and LM-35, at the Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Degree
Didactic Manager: Simona Grillo tel: +39 010 3532303